Sustainable development

We strongly believe in evolution of the society from consumerism to sustainable way of living and to eco – philosophy of life. We consider the perfect community the one in which nature is the measure of all things personal initiative and power of the individual in changing things and making the world a better place for him and the future generations kindness and generosity and positive gestures, actions and thoughts. Because these are the things that can make the difference in our world sustainable development as the only solution for survival of our planet ant its inhabitants.

Our focus


From the smallest ant to the tallest tree. From the birds roaming the skies to the fish swimming in the sea


On policies, movements and news focusing on environmental issues within the borders of Greece We cannot ignore the fact that there are severe challenges our surrounding faces: air, land and water pollution, overexploitation of resources, biodiversity loss, increasing amount of household and industrial waste are some of the problems about which we all have to speak if we truly respect our natural ambient and the community which we live in.


European responses and policies concerning the preservation and of the environment for present and future generations. How states comply with the commonly agreed legislations agreed? How can citizens and non-governmental organisations make their voices heard in the environmental debates within the EU?


Sustainable Development stands for meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of futures generations to meet their own needs – in other words, a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come.

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