Dialogue between Generations

Elderly care center

The ” «ΟΙΚΟΣ ΠΡΟΝΟΙΑΣ ΛΕΥΚΑΔΟΣ» (ΓΗΡΟΚΟΜΕΙΟ – ELDERLY ) is a NON-PROFIT CARE UNIT. It was founded in 1963 by the Metropolitan of Lefkada and Ithaca.

It operates as a NPDC Religious Foundation and offers to elderly people shelter, food, medical care, family affection and warmth as possible.

Today it hosts 35 people – men and women – from our island, who are managed by permanent staff and volunteers who offer their love to them.

The volunteers organize workshops for the residents of elderly in the “Elderly care centre of Lefkas”, as manual activities (handicrafts), physical exercises, intellectual and cultural activities, discussion groups press reviews … but also external animations in order to maintain a link with the life outside the Centre. This activity is a part of the social, cultural, communication and human field and their principal objective is the awareness of what means to be European citizen an boosts the dialogue between generations.

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