Capacity building in the field of youth “E-learning for EVS plus”

Association Avec with Solidarity Tracks and 4 more partner organizations coming from 6 Euro Med countries engaged in EVS, wish to co-operate in order to launch a project made up of diverse & complementary activities for 18 months, centered on the topic of on-line educational support for the volunteers. Our project consists of the following activities: – A 2-days transnational Project meeting in Tunisia (7-8/11/2017) A 9-days Training course in Tunisia (30/11- 10/12/2017), which will involve 4 participants from each Partner organization. It will also enable them to create several on-line trainings commensurate to the needs of the volunteers through our platform ( A 9 -days Training course in Greece (16-26/02/2018). The aim of this TC will be creating evaluation tools and instruments for the validation of the skills developed by the beneficiaries of the platform & to train participants to become E-mentors – Creating a technical and pedagogical tool for the exploitation of our platform to the interest of the beneficiaries.
Each partner will send 1 volunteer to another partner’s NGO for 2 months (between April & June 2018). During their EVS project cycle they will take part of our E-learning platform – Creating & disseminating a promotional video and post cards, in order to promote our platform in large scale. A 2-day transnational evaluation meeting in Spain (30-11-1/12/2018), during which we will evaluate our project and will define a common plan to ensure the sustainability of our platform.

Postcard, Diary, Survey results

Guide for Volunteers, Guide for E-mentors

Graphic facilitation 2ndTC, Graphic facilitation 1st TC

Gallery 1st TC Nabeul, Gallery 2nd TC Lefkas

Making of 2nd TC, Making of 1st TC, Promo video

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