Glaze II

Gastronomy Love, Attitude Zooming on Education”

Glaze II

Solidarity Tracks invited 20 young volunteers from Europe and the Mediterranean area to take part in a 30-days project for the second time. They contributed to the preparation and the implementation of the 6th “Lefkadian Gastronomy Festival”, which is jointly organized by the Municipal authorities, the Chamber of Commerce and other local partners. This project was fully part of our main concerns by promoting the citizenship, supporting local initiatives and developing soft and entrepreneurial competences of the young people, especially those with disadvantaged backgrounds. The project in hand flowned from a will to involve the young people in an international experience dealing with the local culinary (gastronomic) tradition and by having the duty to respect and valorise the immaterial heritage.

This mobility took place in the town of Lefkas (on Lefkas Island, Greece) between 03 of July and 03 of August, 2019. It gathered 20 young people from France, Italy, Romania, Spain, Poland, Tunisia and Turkey. These volunteers were actively engaged in the project by contributing to the preparatory work, the implementation and the dissemination of the results obtained during the “Lefkadian Gastronomy Festival”, which has been organized annually for 5 years until now. During a month, the young participants carried out a common project of great ambitions at local level. They enhanced their technical (culinary) know-how and efficiency in networking thru contacts with people working in the gastronomic sector. Moreover, they raised their awareness about ways to use the local culinary heritage.

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