Sustainable tourism

What is the Sustainable Tourism
It is informative. Travelers not only learn about the destination they also learn how to help sustain its character while deepening their own travel experiences. Residents learn what is ordinary and familiar to them may be of interest and value to outsiders.
It supports integrity of the place. Destination-savvy travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the “local” in terms of architecture, cuisine, heritage, aesthetics and ecology. Tourism revenues in turn raise local perceived value of those assets.
It benefits residents. Travel businesses do their best to employ and train local people, to buy from local supplies and use local services.
It conserves resources. Environmentally aware travelers favor businesses that minimize: pollution, waste, energy consumption, water usage, landscaping chemicals, and unnecessary night-time lighting.
It respects local culture and tradition. Foreign visitors observe local etiquette, including using at least a few courtesy words in the local language. Residents learn how to deal with foreign traveller expectations that may differ from their own.
It does not abuse its assets. Stakeholders anticipate development pressures and apply limits and management techniques to prevent the “loved to death” syndrome. Businesses cooperate to sustain: natural habitats, heritage sites, scenic appeal and local culture.
It strives for quality, not quantity. Communities measure tourism success not by sheer numbers of visitors, but by the length of stay and quality of the experience.
It means great trips. Satisfied, excited visitors bring new knowledge home and recommend friends to experience the same thing.

Why Sustainable Tourism in Lefkas
Lefkada is very beautiful island with rich customs and traditions, Solidarity Tracks with the impact of the “Sustainable tourism” programme would like to educate, motivate and inform local people and tourists to become environmentally friendly and to encourage preserve the environment around them for the future generations. Local citizens could benefit from environmentally friendly tourism and popularization of local customs, traditions and products.
We want to develop the sustainable tourism in Lefkas not just for protecting the environment and the local culture, but also in order to involve the local people to make the decisions and to ensure the economic viability and the social justice in the long term.
“Solidarity Tracks” would like to address in all the actions sustainability spirit have to be the core of strategy for any decision.

Why we want to involve young people to welcome for Sustainable Tourism stays in Lefkas.
We would like to increase awareness to the youngsters about Lefkada’s rich heritage that should be preserved for current and future generations. For the young participants in the “Sustainable tourism” programme they can exchange ideas and thoughts with the local people, to take part in everyday life and learn new things and customs. Emphasis on the activities of the sustainable tourism is given to non-material values and renewable resources and highlighting the idea to sustain the local heritage.
The participation of European young volunteer in sustainable tourism process will have a multiplying effect on other youngsters. We expect that the young people who came for sustainable tourism holiday in Lefkas become ambassadors of the sustainable tourism.
The spirit of alternative tourism is trip is an initiation a discovery of self and peers. It is one of the best ways to learn about local culture and people, environment for those who seek holiday away from big cities, industrial areas and noisy crowd and are willing to take part in different volunteering activities by participating in the alternative tourism programme in Lefkada.

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